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Companies in every industry make significant contributions to the progress of society with their solutions and products. In order to continually improve living standards and infrastructures, large sums of money are invested in research and development and all kinds of construction projects. Reason enough to protect this in the long-term. With innovations in the field of video surveillance, we not only ensure our own economic success but also that of our customers.

At the LivEye® Research & Development Centre, we are committed to company security and protecting projects through video surveillance in the long-term. Our team of highly qualified employees from a variety of specialist areas is continually working on improving our successful innovations as well as developing new products. Because we are aware of the importance of the interface between science and industry, the LivEye® Research & Development Centre is in constant dialogue with universities of applied sciences and universities and conducts joint research projects with them.

New approaches and concepts in the field of mobile video surveillance solutions are researched and developed at our development unit in Schönecken. This includes the development of new software as well as IoT sensor and control technology and the development of innovative electrical components using 3D constructions and printing as well as prototype production. A key focus of the LivEye® Research & Development Centre is on the constant ongoing and new development of software for optimising LivEye® system components. At the same time, our developers ensure the highest quality, which is reflected in the ISO 9001:2015 certification. By continuously improving existing products and developing new ones, we are paving the way for a sustainable future.

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