FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Yes. We work with static privacy zone masks, which, for example, make public areas such as streets or footpaths unrecognisable. Any identity, outside from the area to be monitored, thus remains protected.
Yes. The image information is only created and stored during the monitoring period and is stored locally in the data carrier of the camera for a defined period of time. The storage duration is determined depending on requirements. Insofar as no investigations by a law enforcement agency are underway, the data is deleted after 3, 10 or 30 days. The storage duration is determined by the individual requirements.

Signs are fixed to all access points (turnstiles etc.), indicating all content required and defined according to the GDPR. It is therefore clear at all times who is responsible for the recordings and who to contact with any questions.

Yes. The data is encrypted inside the camera. There is always a secure VPN tunnel connection even during transmission to the data processing centre or control centre.