LivEye® PERIMETER - Surveillance for large plots of land

LivEye® PERIMETER offers perfect protection for monitoring long, straight areas such as fences or other property boundaries. Able to cover spaces of up to 400 metres, very large plots of land can be protected with just a few LivEye® systems. When an intrusion over a property’s outer limits is detected by the thermal camera, the second optical (42x zoom) camera can be used to re-analyse the alarm situation. LivEye® offers perimeter protection systems that can operate on local power supplies as well as self-sufficiently.

LivEye® PERIMETER is especially suitable for the temporary protection of:

  • Parking areas
  • power plants
  • transformer stations
  • storage areas
  • car parks
  • military properties
  • chemical parks
  • industrial areas
  • factories
  • facilities for power generation through renewable energies, such as solar parks, etc.

Technical details LivEye® PERIMETER

  • Targeted surveillance with 2 thermal bullet cameras, each with 400m range combined with two high-functioning PTZ cameras for alarm-tracking.
  • Intelligent LivEye® Analysis Software (AI)
  • Mast height 6 m
  • Monitoring radius of up to 400 m per camera
  • Narrow stand base of only 1 x 1 m
  • Easy location change
  • Preventative orange lighting
  • Uses customer‘s power supply 230V
  • Battery storage can supply energy for up to 80 hours in the event of a power failure (depending on the model)
  • Also available in energy self-sufficient version
Autarke Videoüberwachung mit 230 V Stromanschluss
230 V
Autarke Videoüberwachung von LivEye
Hybrid solution

Mobile security solutions for comprehensive protection

Advice on our security technology

Secure your construction site, real estate or open space with the latest LivEye® security technology. Our security experts are at your side with help and advice. 

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