LivEye® FALCON video surveillance for self-installation

The compact system allows independent start-up and positioning. The needed camera technology is chosen and installed based on personal requirements.

Compact video surveillance system with individual configuration for protecting your building site, property or company premises

LivEye® FALCON is a compact video surveillance system for self-installation. The camera technology can be installed as required and adapted to the size of the area to be monitored. The integrated pole mount on the housing enables easy and secure attachment. The system can be relocated as needed and adapted according to requirements. During operation, LivEye® FALCON has a direct connection to our Video Monitoring & Alarm Center. In the event of an alarm, burglars – subject to prior agreement – can

Technical details of the LivEye® FALCON

  • Targeted monitoring with two highly functional PTZ cameras
  • Surveillance radius of up to 40 m with a 55-degree field of view.
  • Up to two optional Thermal Bi-spectral Bullet cameras
  • Intelligent LivEye® analysis software (AI)
  • Can be attached to posts or walls
  • The location can be easily changed
  • Customer’s own 230V power supply
  • Battery provides power in the event of a power outage

Optional LivEye® BIM & documentation:

  • Time lapse
  • Image archive with 360° footage
  • Site schedule
Autarke Videoüberwachung mit 230 V Stromanschluss
230 V

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Advice on our security technology

Secure your construction site, real estate or open space with the latest LivEye® security technology. Our security experts are at your side with help and advice. 

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