Emergency response

With simple installation and easy use via a intercom system, LivEye® EMERGENCY provides immediate assistance in emergency situations.

Reliable, around-the-clock emergency response

The LivEye® EMERGENCY system is on hand wherever continuous support from safety and emergency services is not: from operational facilities such as gyms, to social institutions, and public areas. The system can be used for both interior and exterior areas. Within the health sector in particular, emergency response systems can provide support and help compensate for a lack of nursing staff in offering additional security. As healthcare becomes increasingly important in an ageing society, the elderly and people with physical disabilities want to live as long and as independently as possible. In this respect, it offers use of a professional emergency call system.

LivEye® EMERGENCY - Advantages and technical details

  • Quick and easy installation in existing infrastructures: “Plug and Play” principle
  • Easy use: simply press the button provided in emergency situations
  • Can be installed in locations without an internet connection thanks to an integrated 4G/LTE router
Autarke Videoüberwachung mit 230 V Stromanschluss
230 V

Mobile security solutions for comprehensive protection

Simple to use and rapid handling in emergency situations

In case of an emergency call, integrated emergency lights are automatically activated via the easy-to-operate button and bystanders are alerted to the emergency. At the same time, an audiovisual connection to our 24/7 Alarm & Monitoring Centre is instantly established. Our experienced and trained personnel immediately clarify the situation and call for further emergency aid measures if required. To enable easy use during an emergency, the system uses an intercom system. Use of a phone is not necessary.

LivEye EMERGENCY is quick and easy to install and comes ready to use. An internet connection is all that’s needed. If there’s no internet connection available, we provide an alternative solution via the GSM network. Should the internet connection fail, LivEye EMERGENCY automatically switches to the integrated SIM card connection. Also, integrated batteries ensure the safety device can be used during power outages.

LivEye EMERGENCY - Areas of application

  • Hospitals
  • Care facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Gyms
  • Public areas

Advice on our security technology

Secure your construction site, real estate or open space with the latest LivEye® security technology. Our security experts are at your side with help and advice. 

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