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LivEye® Docu
Video documentation

With simple mast mounting, 4K resolution, and a 108° field of view, LivEye® Docu provides high-definition footage for documenting building progress. 

The highest quality construction site video documentation

LivEye® Docu is a weather-resistant documentary camera system – based on modern video and cloud technology. The system enables developers and construction companies to document building progress according to the official construction documentation. With the mounting bracket integrated into the housing, this compact device is simple to install and works on the Plug and Play principle: mount it, plug in, and go. The modern camera offers high-definition 4K footage which can be called up throughout the period of construction using archive image management. As such, the building process can be reproduced in detail. Intelligent pixelation of vehicles and individuals ensures that records are GDPR-compliant. Data is encrypted via the mobile network, transferred to the LivEye® data processing centre, and can be viewed via an easy-to-use dashboard.

LivEye® Docu Technical Details

  • Simple mast mounting with mounted bracket integrated into the housing
  • Compact dimensions
  • 230V power supply
  • GDPR-compliant through pixelation of vehicles and individuals
  • Sensor resolution: 8MP
  • Image resolution: 3840 x 2160 px (4K)
  • Focal length: 2.8 – 12.0 mm
  • 108° field of view
Autarke Videoüberwachung mit 230 V Stromanschluss
230 V
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Advantages of the LivEye® Portal

  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Several projects are displayed separately
  • Company logos can be embedded in the images taken
  • Convenient archive image management: time period to be displayed can be selected as required
  • Live viewing (updates every 15 minutes)

As an option, individual images can be combined into a professional, high-quality 4K time-lapse video during post-production. In doing so, we ensure your individual suggestions and wishes are taken into account during processing. Images can then be used for documentation purposes and are also suitable for external communications.

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