Video monitoring to prevent theft in solar parks

Sustainable energy production is becoming increasingly important. Solar parks play a big part in this. But solar cells, construction machines and tools are popular targets for thieves. Solar panels whose production has been stopped have virtually created a market for organised crime. It is therefore not just a case of thieves getting their hands on a few solar cells but rather stealing several hundreds of panels. Protection against theft is therefore essential both during construction and operation. Large solar parks cut off from streets with lighting and residential areas especially require round-the-clock protection. A fence with anti-climb protection on its own is only a minor obstacle for thieves and does not offer sufficient protection. Intruders have an easy job and can carry out thefts almost undisturbed. As a result, the operators suffer severe financial losses, as not only do they have to replace the stolen panels but they also have to make up for loss of income. 

Solar park operators can protect against such risks using efficient surveillance systems. Mobile camera systems can be used flexibly and are also perfectly suitable as a temporary security measure. Offering round-the-clock protection, they’re also a cost-effective alternative or even addition to conventional site security.

Advantages of LivEye® video surveillance for solar parks

Bis zu 200 m Reichweite

Monitoring radius up to 200m

Verpixelung öffentlicher Bereiche

Pixelation of public areas

Intelligente Analysesoftware

Intelligent LivEye® analysis software (AI)

Alles im Blick bei Tag und bei Nacht

Day and night vision

How the video surveillance of your solar park with LivEye® works

The intelligent video surveillance systems from LivEye® offer round-the-clock protection for every terrain. The highly-efficient camera technology records large areas and offers protection especially where solar parks are easily accessible. The intelligent analysis software can easily distinguish between people, animals, vehicles and recurring movements. Intruders are thus reliably identified and an alert is sent to our Video Monitoring & Alarm Centre. The operator on duty first uses the integrated loud-speaker system to speak directly to the intruders and alerts the police, if necessary. The orange lighting also acts as a deterrent, scaring off intruders.

Solar parks are usually located in remote areas without corresponding infrastructure and sufficient energy supply. Thanks to the LivEye® PRO 2.0 system, video surveillance protection is still no problem. The innovative system can be used flexibly and runs fully independently for up to three months – ideal for extensive areas of land and remote locations.

Product recommendation for solar parks

mobile videoüberwachung livEye PRO 2.0

LivEye® Pro 2.0 self-sufficient

Advice on our security technology

Secure your construction site, real estate or open space with the latest LivEye® security technology. Our security experts are at your side with help and advice. 

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