Protecting recycling materials effectively and reliably against theft

Recycling depots are used for recycling and disposing of recyclable waste from private households and small companies. As well as bulky refuse and green waste, valuable materials and substances such as scrap metal and electrical appliances are also stored here. This makes them a popular target for intruders and thieves. Perpetrators include both individuals helping themselves for their own use as well as professional burglars. Organised gangs steal power cables, batteries and sought-after metals on a massive scale in order to sell on the valuable goods. This entails a massive financial loss for the owners of recycling depots. As well as the damage caused by theft, this also includes smashed windows and damaged fences or gates.

Mobile video surveillance systems offer round-the-clock surveillance even for extensive and chaotic areas. This allows the owners of recycling centres and recycling companies to reliably protect the stored materials and substances against access by authorised persons. The systems are also a cost-effective alternative or even addition to conventional site security.

Advantages of LivEye® video surveillance for recycling companies

Bis zu 200 m Reichweite

up to 200 m radius

Verpixelung öffentlicher Bereiche

pixelation of public areas

Intelligente Analysesoftware

intelligent video analysis

Alles im Blick bei Tag und bei Nacht

day and night vision

How the video surveillance of your recycling centre with LivEye® works

The mobile video surveillance systems from LivEye® can be used flexibly and are ideally equipped for outdoor use. With 6 m masts, the LivEye® One & One+ 230V enable reliable surveillance within a radius of up to 200 m. This ensures optimum protection at all times of day and night of the area to be secured.  The LivEye® Light+ compact system is also ideally suited for indoor protection. If the power supply is interrupted, all systems are supplied with energy from a battery storage. This guarantees uninterrupted video recording.

The orange lighting acts as a deterrent and has a preventive effect at night, whilst movements are reliably detected by the intelligent analysis software. It has no trouble in distinguishing between people, animals, vehicles and recurring movements. This reduces the margin of error to a minimum. Our continuously staffed Video Monitoring & Alarm Centre is immediately alerted in case of suspicion. The operator on duty reacts immediately and takes appropriate measures. The people identified are spoken to and asked to leave the premises via the integrated loud-speaker system. If they ignore this demand, we inform the police.

Product recommendation for recycling centres

Mobile Baustellenüberwachung LivEye ONE

LivEye® One & One+ 230V

Mobile Videoüberwahung mit dem LivEye LIGHT+

LivEye® Light+

Advice on our security technology

Secure your construction site, real estate or open space with the latest LivEye® security technology. Our security experts are at your side with help and advice.

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